Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Work-In: Daily Motivation 6-21-2017

Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Today's Gift

Real friends are those who, when you've made a fool of yourself, don't feel that you've done a permanent job. --Erwin T. Randall

What kind of friends do we have? Are they people who complain a lot? Are they people who laugh at us or put others down?

The kind of people we want to be will decide what kind of friends we have. If we want to feel sorry for ourselves, we will choose friends who will tell us how rotten their lives are. If we want to think we're better than others, we will hang around people who laugh at others' mistakes.

But if we want to be the best we can be, we will pick friends who see the good in life, people who will encourage us to be ourselves and who will help us try harder at things that are difficult for us.

How can I be a better friend today?

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From: Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation - Thought for the Day

Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Keep It Simple

Relationship Martyrs

Many of us have gone so numb and discounted our feelings so completely that we have gotten out of touch with our needs in relationships.

We can learn to distinguish whose company we enjoy, whether we're talking about friends, business acquaintances, dates, or spouses. We all need to interact with people we might prefer to avoid, but we don't have to force ourselves through long term or intimate relationships with these people.

We are free to choose friends, dates, 
and spouses. We are free to choose how much time we spend with those people we can't always choose to be around, such as relatives. This is our life. This is it. We can decide how we want to spend our days and hours. We're not enslaved. We're not trapped. And not one of us is without options. We may not see our options clearly. Although we may have to struggle through shame and learn to own our power, we can learn to spend our valuable hours and days with the people we enjoy and choose to be with.

Today's Action: Higher Power, help me value my time and life. Help me place value on how I feel being around certain people. Guide me as I learn to develop healthy, intimate, sharing relationships with people. Help me give myself the freedom to experiment, explore, and learn who I am and who I can be in my relationships.

One Day At A Time

If you have decided you want what we have and are willing to go to any length
to get it—then you are ready to take certain steps. At some of these we balked.
We thought we could find an easier, softer way. But we could not.
With all the earnestness at our command, we beg of you to be fearless and thorough from the very start.
- Alcoholics Anonymous, p 58

Thought to Ponder . . .
The elevator is broken -- use the Steps.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
S T E P S = S
olutions Through Each Powerful Step

From: AA Thought for the Day (courtesy

Daily Motivation

Excerpt of The Daily Motivator

Appreciate where you have been
by Ralph Marston

Learn what the trouble has to teach, and it is trouble no more. Grow to be the person who can deal with the problem, and it is no longer a problem.

By making a mistake you empower yourself to never make it again. As morning always follows night, the light of wisdom emerges as a matter of course from pain.

If you had never known darkness, you could not fully appreciate the wonder, the miracle, the power of light. From every experience you grow stronger.

Now, take that strength you’ve earned and point it toward what you love. Today, life is yours and possibilities abound, so make it all count.

Live joy so completely that it seems it will never end. Endure pain boldly, knowing you’ll soon be looking back on it from a stronger, higher perspective.

Whatever happened yesterday, today is your opportunity to do better, to live smarter, to exercise new power and create new value. Appreciate where you have been, and move solidly now in the direction you seek to go.

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