Monday, May 15, 2017

The Work-In: Daily Motivation 5-15-2017

Monday, May 15, 2017
Today's Gift

If you keep saying things are going to be bad, you have a good chance of being a prophet. --Isaac B. Singer

We all know people who are too often critical and negative. Sometimes we, too, are these people. And when we fall into this trap of negativity, our life becomes unnecessarily complicated.

Any behavior we commit to practicing regularly is strengthened, whether it's positive or negative. It benefits us then to practice developing and holding a positive outlook rather than a negative one. Making the decision, each day, to quiet our mind, clearing it of negative expectations, is not a mysterious or difficult undertaking. It is rather an opportunity to influence in meaningful ways the many experiences we're destined to have.

We're empowered by claiming responsibility for how we perceive and respond to our opportunities, and thus for whom we are becoming.

I will look at today as a day full of promise with hope and gladness in my heart.

From the book In God's Care by Karen Casey. ©
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From: Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation - Thought for the Day

Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Keep It Simple

Make yourself an honest [person], and then you may be sure that there is one rascal less in the world. ---Thomas Carlyle

Honesty does not mean saying all we think or feel. Many of our thoughts and feelings are only with us for a minute. They are not always the truth. For example, saying to someone you love, "I hate you!" in the middle of an argument can destroy things.

Honesty means living by what is true to us. Then we choose when and how to say things to others.

Think of honesty as the air we breathe; it's what keeps us alive, but it can get polluted and kill. It must be treated with respect and care.

Prayer for the Day: Higher Power, help me know the power of honesty. Help me speak it with care and respect.

Action for the Day: Before I speak today I'll ask myself: "Is this true? Am I speaking because this needs to be said?"

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One Day At A Time

We are certain that our intelligence, backed by willpower, can rightly control our inner lives and guarantee us success in the world we live in. This brave philosophy, wherein each person plays God, sounds good in the speaking, but it still has to meet the acid test: how well does it actually work?
One good look in the mirror ought to be answer enough for anyone.
- 12 Steps & 12 Traditions, p. 37

Thought to Ponder . . .
Pride in my intelligence blinded me to how much I did not know.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
ny Change Toward Improving One's Nature

From: AA Thought for the Day (courtesy

Daily Motivation

Excerpt of The Daily Motivator

Feel encouraged
by Ralph Marston

The world will not always offer you encouragement. Often you must supply your own.

Many times you’ll have good reason to feel sorry for yourself. Yet you can just as easily choose to feel encouraged about yourself.

Reach deep inside and find the goodness that is always there, the goodness you may have forgotten about. Feel the positive purpose that nothing can take away from you.

You are worthy and relevant, effective and capable of the very best. Remind yourself often.

Keep in mind that every disappointment is temporary. Every frustration can be overcome.

There is every reason to persist, to endure and to move forward with the most positive of expectations. Because deep within, you know you can.

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