Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Work-In: Daily Motivation 4-13-2016

Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Today's Gift

The world is a wheel always turning. Those who are high go down low, and those who've been low go up higher. —Anzia Yezierska

Everything changes. Nothing stays the same. And letting go of the way things are, anticipating instead what they might become, frees us to live each moment more fully.

Time marches on, and our destiny marches with it. There is purpose in how our lives unfold; the ups and downs serve our growth. We must neither resent the doldrums nor savor too long the elation. Giving too much attention to either state interferes with our awareness of the present. And the present has come to teach us.

We must move with time. We must focus our attention on the moment and accept whatever feelings each experience elicits. Emotional maturity is accepting our feelings and letting them go and facing instead the next moment with fresh receptivity. Our lessons are many, and they accompany the lows as well as the highs. We can be grateful for both.

Life has taught us freedom from lingering lows. It has given us the tools to move confidently forward, trusting that all is well. Nothing lasts forever, and within each struggle is the opportunity for real growth.

The highs will pass away, just as will the lows. They visit us purposefully. I will give them their freedom and find mine as well.

From Each Day a New Beginning: Daily Meditations for Women by Karen Casey ©

From: Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation - Thought for the Day

Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Keep It Simple

Chaos demands to be recognized and experienced before letting itself be converted into a new order. --Hermann Hesse

The forces of chaos and forces of order are always at work in the world. While many things are being built up, many are wearing down. It is a good thing, because life would be very boring in an unchanging state. But the chaos we met in our lives was often extreme and unusually destructive. We had to recognize it and feel the pain of it before we could build a new order. Looking back we can see that our First Step was just such an event.

All people have small chaotic events in their lives every day. If we take a moment and reflect on our present lives, we can certainly become aware of some ways in which things are in disarray. By simply letting ourselves know it in this moment, we get ready for the new order to begin.

Action For the Day: I pray for courage and honesty to see the chaos which exists today. Help me become ready for the new order to evolve.

From: Bluidkiti's Alcohol and Drug Addictions Recovery Help/Support Forums
One Day At A Time

A New Beginning
Each day I can measure my life by trying to do a little better, by following God's will
and by making an effort to put the principles of our AA program into action.
- Daily Reflections, p. 374

Thought to Ponder . . .
What have I been given today? Am I willing to reach out and grasp it?

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
K C B = Keep Coming Back.

From: AA Thought for the Day (courtesy
Daily Motivation

Excerpt of The Daily Motivator

Life’s little annoyances
by Ralph Marston

Don’t let a relatively small setback ruin an otherwise beautiful day. Choose instead to take it in stride and quickly get back to being positive, productive and effective.

Don’t waste your time being outraged or offended by someone else’s careless, inconsiderate remark or gesture. Use the opportunity to strengthen your valuable sense of patience, and move on ahead to something that truly matters.

Life’s little annoyances can quickly add up to have a big negative and destructive impact if you let them. Fortunately, you don’t have to let them.

Instead, you can choose to let them go. You can decide to see the small, relatively meaningless annoyances for what they are, and move quickly beyond them.

Do you really want your attitude to be held hostage by rude, careless, inconsiderate people or random events beyond your control? Of course not, because within you is a positive purpose that is big and beautiful and filled with real meaning.

Each time one of life’s little annoyances comes along, let it just keep on going right past you until it fades away into its own insignificance. You have plenty of much more positive and valuable things upon which to focus your attention.

From The Daily Motivator website at

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