Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Work-In: Daily Motivation 12-17-2015

Thursday, December 17, 2015
Today's Gift

When you focus on being a blessing, Your Higher Power makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance. --Joel Osteen

"Everything I need shall be provided today. Everything." Say it, until you believe it. Say it at the beginning of the day. Say it throughout the day.

Sometimes, it helps to know what we want and need. But if we don’t, we can trust that our Higher Power does.

When we ask, trust, and believe that our needs will be met, our needs will be met. Sometimes our Higher Power cares about the silliest little things, if we do.

Today, I will affirm that my needs will be met. I will affirm that my Higher Power cares and is the Source of my supply. Then I will let go and see that what I have risked to believe is the truth.

From the book The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie ©

From: Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation - Thought for the Day

Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Keep It Simple

Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you. --Madeline Bridge

We do reap, in some measure, at some time, what we sow. Our respect for others will result in kind. Our love expressed will return tenfold. The kindness we greet others with will ease their relations with us. We get from others what we give, if not at this time and place, at another. We can be certain that our best efforts toward others do not go unnoticed. And we can measure our due by what we give.

A major element of our recovery is the focus we place on our behavior, the seriousness with which we tackle our inventories. We can look at ourselves and how we reach out and act toward others; it is a far cry from where we were before entering this program. Most of us obsessed on "What he did to me," or "What she said." And then returned their actions in kind.

How thrilling is the knowledge that we can invite loving behavior by giving it! We have a great deal of control over the ebb and flow of our lives. In every instance we can control, our behavior. Thus never should we be surprised about the conditions of our lives.

Action for the day: What goes around comes around. I will look for the opportunities to be kind and feel the results.

From: Bluidkiti's Alcohol and Drug Addictions Recovery Help/Support Forums
Daily Recovery Readings -

One Day At A Time


Even the newest of newcomers finds undreamed rewards as they try to help their fellow alcoholic and addict, the one who is even blinder than the.
This is the kind of giving that actually demands nothing. They do not expect their fellow to pay them, or even to love them.
And then they discover that by the divine paradox of this kind of giving they have found their own reward, whether their fellow has yet received anything or not.
- Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p. 109

Thought to Ponder . . .
In AA, we discover that it is impossible to give without receiving, or receive without giving.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
C A R E = Comforting And Reassuring Each other.

From: AA Thought for the Day (courtesy

Daily Motivation

Excerpt of The Daily Motivator

Faith in the future
by Ralph Marston

It is not inherently difficult to be positive, though you can make it so difficult that it is impossible for you. It is entirely realistic to have faith in the future, though you can certainly convince yourself that such faith is completely misguided.

When you do choose to live with positive faith, you’re able to journey through life in the light rather than in darkness. You give the forward-looking power of faith to your thoughts and actions.

Instead of being dismayed by the setbacks, you can be energized by them. Instead of having the desire to give up, you’ll have the determination to give more.

Your faith in the future enables you to be your best in the present. It is by envisioning the positive possibilities that you begin to make them real.

Even when the whole world seems to be falling down around you, have faith. Hold steadfastly to what is good and right, and create your future with authentic goodness in your heart.

Live with faith, and engage the power of your own best possibilities. Live with faith, and keep yourself connected to the affirmative side of life.

From The Daily Motivator website at

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