Thursday, January 10, 2013

Daily Motivation 1-10-2013

Thursday, January 10, 2012
Today's Gift

A complete revaluation takes place in your physical and mental being when you've laughed and had some fun.
—Catherine Ponder

Norman Cousins, in his book Anatomy of an Illness, describes how he cured his fatal illness with laughter. Laughter recharges our entire being; every cell is activated. We come alive, and full vitality restores us physically and emotionally. Many of us need both emotional and physical healing, but perhaps we've overlooked the times to laugh because we've been caught in a negative posture.

Unfortunately, negativity becomes habitual for many of us. However, it's never too late to turn our lives around, to laugh instead of complain. Choosing to see the bright side of life, to laugh at our mistakes, lessens our pain, emotional and physical. Laughter encourages wellness. It is habit-forming and, better yet, contagious. Bringing laughter to others can heal them as well.

We all want health and happiness in ourselves and others, and we can find it by creating it. The best prescription for whatever ails us may well be a good laugh.

Today Ill seek out those chances to dispense a little medicine.

From Each Day a New Beginning: Daily Meditations for Women by Karen Casey©

Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Keep It Simple

You feel the way you do right now because of the thoughts you are thinking at this moment. —David D. Burns

Good thoughts are like bright colors in a painting. Negative thoughts are dark and dreary and drab. Each day we paint pictures of our own lives with our thoughts. If we step back and look at the canvas, we will see whether the picture is alive with bright colors or dreary and lifeless like a dark cloud. Our thoughts have the power to bring joy or sadness our way, depending on what we expect or look for in our surroundings. The choice of how we want our lives to be is ours. Since we paint a new picture each day, we are always free to change things when they don't please us. What better time than the present?

Today's Action: Is there something in my life I'd like to change today?

One Day At A Time

Alcoholism and Addiction are incurable -- just like some other illnesses.
It cannot be "cured" in this sense: We cannot change our body chemistry
and go back to being the normal, moderate social drinkers or users
lots of us seemed to be in our youth. We can no more make that change
than a pickle can change itself back into a cucumber.
- Living Sober, p. 8

Thought to Ponder . . .
Life didn't end when I got sober -- it started.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
S W A T =
Surrender, Willingness, Action, Trust.

Daily Motivation

Let yourself be yourself

Achievement is not particularly difficult, if you’ll simply let yourself do it. A life of rich fulfillment is within your reach, when you let yourself reach for it.

You could worry about what might or might not happen. Or, you can allow what happens to happen, and let yourself make the very best of it.

Let yourself live fully and without limitation. Let yourself truly be yourself, with no regret, no apologies, and no holding back.

The obstacles are there, but they are not there to stop you. They are there so you can let yourself become stronger, more capable, more confident and more experienced.

Let yourself do what must be done to create the life of your dreams. It’s really not that far away when you let go, and let yourself live it.

Let yourself be the living expression of what you value most. Let yourself live at the highest level you can imagine, in new and beautiful ways with each dawning day.

— Ralph Marston

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