Friday, September 7, 2012

Daily Motivation 9-7-2012

Friday, September 7, 2011
Today's Gift

Friendship and community are, first of all, inner qualities. —Henri J. M. Nouwen

Many of us mistakenly search outside ourselves for answers. We feel small inside and not very powerful. Many of us have tried to change our lives by affecting the people around us. Naturally, when we think of making friends, we assume we would start by getting a friend. But such beginnings often don't lead very far.

Friendship begins as an inward attitude or feeling before it is expressed outwardly. Perhaps we could first notice whom we feel friendly toward. Whom do we admire? Whom do we feel an affinity with? Let that friendliness exist within, and it will begin to express itself. Are we grasping for acceptance or response? Let us remain with our own goodwill and not return to old attempts to get someone else to change. Friendship exists as a feeling of admiration, of love, of fellowship, without demand. And when we are another person's friend, let us accept their friendship and enjoy it without trying to change it or them.

Today, I will simply notice my friendly feelings toward others.

From Touchstones: A Book of Daily Meditations for Men©

Twenty-Four Hours a Day
Keep It Simple
Remember your good memories, but live for today and keep the
memories behind you. --Jodi K. Elliott
The stuff of our memories comprises who we have become.
Each recollection is akin to an ingredient in a simmering pot of stew.
The full flavor of our lives is enhanced by each additional experience,
whether it is painful or joyful.

Our experiences have a way of dovetailing, of grouping themselves,
perhaps even tailoring themselves, to provide us the best advantage.
So human is our tendency to linger in thought on past times that we
fail to take advantage, to be fully present in the moment, which is
assuredly making a necessary contribution to the total panorama of our lives.
Who are we to judge the value of any single experience? It's how
all experiences have mingled, that we must trust. We can be certain
in retrospect, that those situations that created the most inner turmoil
also offered us the most as growing, developing person.
Action for the Day: The experiences offered today, in the 24 hours ahead, are significant
because they are unique. I will cherish them for the addition they are
making to my total person.
One Day At A Time
As I am reminded that pain is the touchstone for growth,
I know that everything happens for a reason,
and my creator’s plan is none of my business.
All is well.
- The AA Grapevine, September 2012

Thought to Ponder . . .
Pain nourishes courage.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
P A I N =
Panic, Anxiety, Insecurity, Neediness.
Daily Motivation

The little problems

The big, urgent problems get your attention, as well they should. Because they are so serious, you’ll naturally take them seriously and quickly do something about them.

The smaller, nagging, everyday problems don’t have that same sense of urgency. They don’t usually grab your attention and demand to be solved.

Yet those little problems can wear you down over time. They seem almost too trivial to do anything about, so you can be tempted to just let them continue draining your energy and resources, day after day.

For example, a slow drip from the faucet in your bathroom sink doesn’t seem like much, and yet it can end up wasting hundreds or thousands of gallons of water. Eventually, even the little problems can have a big impact.

Fortunately, the little problems don’t take much effort to solve. It’s mostly just a matter of taking them seriously and taking the time to do it.

If there’s some little problem that’s been nagging you and slowly draining you, now is a great time to do something about it. Free yourself, one by one, from the little problems, and it can make a big positive difference in your life.

— Ralph Marston

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