Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Daily Motivation 9-19-2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Today's Gift

Procrastination is the thief of time. --Edward Young

When we have a problem with putting things off, we seem to add to our troubles by mentally flogging ourselves. We know we are losing time. We criticize ourselves for our irrational behavior. Whether we are putting off an important task in our lives or letting many little undone jobs accumulate, we could benefit from stopping the self criticism and asking ourselves for the spiritual message in our actions. Perhaps we need some quiet time to do absolutely nothing. Maybe our perfectionism is paralyzing us. Is an "all or nothing" attitude telling us if we can't do the whole job right away, there is no point in beginning? Unexpressed anger may be blocking us from doing what we need to do.

Whenever we find ourselves doing things that seem irrational we can ask, "What is the message from my Higher Power in this behavior?" This question will carry us much further toward spiritual growth than the mental criticism we are tempted to do.

Today, I will do what I can within the limits of one day, and I will stay in communication with my Higher Power.

From the book Touchstones by Anonymous

Twenty-Four Hours a Day
Keep It Simple
...concern should drive us into action and not into depression. --Karen Horney
The role of victim is all too familiar to many of us. Life did us injustices
--we thought. And we passively waited for circumstances to change.
With the bottle we waited, or maybe the little white pills. Nothing was
our fault. That we were willing participants to victimization is an awareness
not easily accepted, but true nonetheless.

Victims no more, we are actors, now. And since committing ourselves to
to change, we have readily available a willing and very able director
for our role in life. Every event invites an action, and we have opted for
the responsible life.

Depression may be on the fringes of our consciousness today. But it need
not become our state of mind. The antidote is and always will be action,
responsible action. Every concern, every experience wants our attention,
our active attention.

Action for the Day: Today stretches before me, an unknown quantity. Concerns will crowd upon
me, but guidance regarding the best action to take is always available to me.
One Day At A Time
Half Measures
Remember that we deal with alcohol (or drugs)-- cunning, baffling, powerful!
Without help it is too much for us. . .
Half measures availed us nothing. We stood at the turning point.
We asked His protection and care with complete abandon.
- Alcoholics Anonymous, pp. 58-59

Thought to Ponder . . .
When I got busy, I got better.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
H O W =
Honesty, Open-mindedness, Willingness.
Daily Motivation

The best circumstance

It’s great to be where you are, and it’s great to have what you have. It’s great to know what you know, and it’s great to be who you are.

The opportunity to live a life of joy, meaning, and fulfillment is not somewhere else, or in another time or situation. It is right here, right now.

The best circumstance from which to move forward is not in some distant, idealized future. It is the circumstance where you now find yourself, because that is the circumstance from which you can immediately take your first, powerful step.

If you wait until conditions are perfect, waiting is all you’ll ever do. Stop demanding perfection from the world and start demanding immediate, effective action from yourself.

Merely wishing for things to be different, will just get you more of the same. It is by making good use of what you have, that you’re able to create and attract what you desire.

Your life’s great treasure is not in some alternate place or time or situation. It is yours to be claimed right now with the power of your positive, focused thoughts and efforts.

— Ralph Marston

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