Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Daily Motivation 8-29-2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Today's Gift

Learn to keep your energy inside.—From Women, Sex, and Addiction, Charlotte Davis Kasl, Ph.D.

Owning Our Energy
For many reasons, we may have mastered the art of giving away our energy. We may have learned it when we were young because the feelings we had were too overwhelming to feel, and we did not know how to process them.

Much of our obsessing, our intense focus on others, is done to facilitate this "out of body" experience we call codependency.

We obsess, we babble, we become anxious. We try to control, care take, and fuss over others. Our energy spills out of us on to whomever.

Our energy is our energy. Our feelings, thoughts, issues, love, sexuality; our mental, physical, spiritual, sexual, creative, and emotional energy is ours.

We can learn to have healthy boundaries - healthy parameters - around our energy and ourselves. We can learn to keep our energy within ourselves and deal with our issues.

If we are trying to escape from our body, if our energy is spilling out of us in unhealthy ways, we can ask ourselves what is going on, what is hurting us, what we are avoiding, what we need to face, what we need to deal with.

Then, we can do that. We can come back home to live - in ourselves.

Today, I will keep my energy in my body. I will stay focused and within my boundaries. Higher Power, help me let go of my need to escape myself. Help me face my issues so I am comfortable living in my body.

From The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie ©

Twenty-Four Hours a Day
Keep It Simple
This day I choose to spend in perfect peace. --- A Course in Miracles
Today, let’s be gentle and kind. Lets talk to ourselves with love and respect. Let’s be gentle with others too.
Today, let’s be clear in how we think, speak, and act. And if we start to get mixed up, let’s stop thinking and listen for our Higher Power’s voice.
Today, we know that we have just a small job to do. It is to live today with love in our heart. We can’t take care of every problem in the world. But we make our actions today part of the answer instead of the part of the problem. Let's Keep It Simple.
Prayer for the Day: Higher Power, help me find Your calmness and peace in my heart today.
Action for the Day: Do I believe that peace starts with me? Today, I’ll listen to the simple voice of peace inside of me. And I’ll Keep It Simple.
One Day At A Time
Higher Power
Sometimes we had to search fearlessly, but they were there.
They are as much a fact as we were.
We found the Great Reality deep down within us.
- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 55

Thought to Ponder . . .
If you are having a problem with you Hiher Power,
just imagine the problem they are having with you.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
G I F T =
God Is Forever There.
Daily Motivation

Into the possible

Even after a thousand failed attempts, success is possible. In fact, each disappointing result brings you closer to the result you intend to achieve.

Your past may be filled with failure and disappointment, or it may be filled with achievement and joy. But no matter how it has been, it doesn’t have to hold you back right now.

Right now, you can choose to learn from what has been, and to use that knowledge to move forward. You can build on the past achievements and completely leave behind the past disappointments.

Don’t let the past become an excuse. Life proceeds forward from this moment, so choose to proceed forward with it.

Let go of resentment, regret, anger, envy, blame and disappointment. Focus instead on the extraordinary positive possibilities of now, and on your desire to make your life and your world the best they can be.

Now is when you can make now count in good and meaningful and significant ways. Step beyond the past and into the possible.

— Ralph Marston

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