Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Daily Motivation 8-21-2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Today's Gift

Many situations can be clarified by the passing of time. —Theodore Isaac Rubin

Time heals our wounds. It teaches lessons that cannot be learned in a day. It allows truths to rise to the surface that first were difficult to see. In our impatience and restlessness we may forget that our answers come and simply waiting often fills our needs. We live in a goal-oriented world, and people are expected to go after what they want. But that is sometimes a foolish approach.

Our problems developed over time, and now recovery and growth take time. The learning we missed while we were absorbed in our excesses cannot be captured in a day. Anxieties and stresses come and go for everyone, but we often increased our problems by trying to cure what would pass on its own accord. We are learning to live more wisely through our periods of stress by trusting in the care of our Higher Power.

Today, I will allow time to heal and correct rather than automatically reaching for a cure.

From Touchstones: A Book of Daily Meditations for Men©

Twenty-Four Hours a Day
Keep It Simple
With each new day I put away the past and discover the new beginnings I have been given. --Angela L. Wozniak
We can't recapture what is no more. And the minutes or hours we spend dwelling on what was or should have been only steal away from all that presently is. Today stands before us with promise. The opportunities for growth are guaranteed, as is all the spiritual help we need to handle any situation the day offers.

If today offers us a challenge, we can be grateful. Our challenges are gifts. They mean we are ready to move ahead to new awarenesses, to a new sense of our adulthood. Challenges force us to think creatively; they force us to turn to others; they demand that we change. Without challenges, we'd stagnate, enjoying life little, offering life nothing.

We each are making a special contribution, one that only we can make; each time we confront a new situation with courage. Each time we dare to open a new door. What we need to do today is to close the door on yesterday. Then we can stand ready and willing to go forward.

Action for the Day: This day awaits my full presence. I will be the recipient of its gifts.
One Day At A Time
Freedom from Fear
For all its usual destructiveness,
we have found that fear can be the starting point to prudence
and to a decent respect for others. . .
The more we have of respect and justice,
the more we can begin to find the love which can suffer much,
and yet be freely given.
- The Language of the Heart, p. 265

Thought to Ponder . . .
Let us always love the best in others -- and never fear their worst.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
F E A R =
Forgetting Everything's All Right.
Daily Motivation

A kind and generous heart

It would be of no value to have love if you could not also give love. There would be no satisfaction in having the world’s greatest fortune if there was no one with whom to share your good fortune.

Don’t obsess over getting what’s coming to you. Focus your energy on giving and expanding all the good things that can come from you.

You’ll rarely gain anything by proving that you’re right. Instead, put your efforts into doing what is right.

If your ego controls every moment of your life, that life will be little more then an empty shell. To fill your life with richness, live with a kind and generous heart.

If you seek to take without giving, you create bitterness in every direction. The only wealth that will ever bring fulfillment is the wealth you create and give.

Don’t settle for a shallow, empty life when you can enjoy so much more. Give your best, with a kind and generous heart, and truly live life at its highest level.

— Ralph Marston

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