Monday, June 4, 2012

Daily Motivation 6-4-2012

Monday, June 4, 2012
Today's Gift

We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same. —Anne Frank

Happiness feels so close and yet so far away. Perhaps we look to a person for it, or to a job, or a new winter coat. We deserve happiness, we know. Yet, we learn so slowly that happiness can only be found within. The person leaves; the job goes sour; the new coat is quickly out of style. Elusive, all of them.

But the happiness that comes from knowing who we are and how our lives fit in the grand design of the Creator, never eludes us. We are one of a kind. And there is no other who can offer to the world of friends just what each of us can. We are needed, and knowing that, really knowing it, brings happiness.

Before we no doubt failed to realize our worth. We can celebrate it now. We can glory in our worth, our specialness, and we can cherish the design. We can cherish our parts and cherish the part each other person plays.

Combined, we are as one big orchestra. The conductor reads the music and directs the movements. Being in tune with the conductor feels good. I can call it happiness. All I need do is play my part.

From Each Day a New Beginning: Daily Meditations for Women by Karen Casey©

Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Keep It Simple

Follow your dream . . . take one step at a time and don't settle for less, just continue to climb. --Amanda Bradley

Dreams are common to us all. Dreams are special as well. We probably keep to ourselves many of our dreams for fear of derision or misunderstanding. Oftentimes we may have selectively shared some dreams, those we figured would get approval. The ones closest and dearest to us, the ones we feel most vulnerable about, we may choose to treasure to our hearts only, sometimes thinking, "If only you knew," sometimes wondering if we are being silly.

We are coming to believe that our dreams are spirit-filled. They are gifts to encourage us. Like a ship at sea needing a "heading" to move forward, our dreams lend direction to our lives. Our frustration may be that we can't realize a dream without many steps and much time. But life is a process of steps. Success in anything comes inch by inch, stroke by stroke, step after step.

Action for the Day: My dreams today are meant to guide me. I will take a first step toward making the dream a reality.

One Day At A Time

Trust the Process
Resigned to the fact that there is no microwave treatment for my malady,
I no longer look for mountains to move.
Things that once broke my back now bend my knees.
Praying and moving my feet, I trudge the road of happy destiny.
Though sometimes it is uncomfortable, today I do not expect to be exempt.
I stay alert knowing there is a Power that sets the course.
He has never steered me wrong. I trust in the process.
The AA Grapevine, June 2012

Thought to Ponder . . .
The task ahead of us is never as great as the Power behind us.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
S W A T =
Surrender, Willingness, Action, Trust.

Daily Motivation

Happiness is here now

Happiness is here now, today. Live it.

The possibilities for greater and greater fulfillment are immense and amazing. Explore them, and claim the best for your own by acting on them now.

If there’s something you’ve been meaning to do, now is the time to get moving. If you’ve been wanting a change for the better, now is when you can make that change happen.

Your dreams and desires are real and alive in this moment. Use this time to follow where they lead.

Your unique and priceless journey has brought you now to this point. Pay sincere tribute to all that rich experience by making meaningful use of it on this day.

Happiness and joy and fulfillment are now yours. Live them today in your own special way.

— Ralph Marston

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