Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Daily Motivation 6-13-2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Today's Gift

When the well threatens to run dry, it's time to rest and refill. - Elisabeth L

We can't always be doing and giving and producing. There comes a time when we run out of steam, and that's when we need to know how to replenish our supply of energy and enthusiasm.

Some of us get recharged by being with other people. Some of us need to be quiet and alone. All of us can profit from an inspirational uplift, whether it comes from music, something we read, a conversation with a friend, savoring the beauty of nature, or a period of meditation.

Vacations can be wonderful, but we're not always able to take them when we need them. What we can do is learn how to create for ourselves islands of recreation -- re-creation -- which may be inserted into our busy, everyday schedule. We can learn to stop and refill the well before it runs dry, so we do not drive ourselves into the kind of exhaustion that threatens recovery.

I will build an island of re-creation into today's schedule.

From the book Inner Harvest by Elisabeth L.

Twenty-Four Hours a Day
Keep It Simple
Everyday . . . life confronts us with new problems to be solved which force us to adjust our old programs accordingly. --Dr. Ann Faraday

Facing the day straight on is occasionally difficult to do. There are those days we feel like crawling under the covers and staying there, certain that we can't handle whatever might be asked of us. Maybe today is one of those days. Perhaps we feel 12 years old, instead of 42. To consciously behave like a responsible 42-year-old is out of the question. Acting "as if" is the next best thing, the program tells us, and it is.

Acting "as if" also comes in handy when only a minor kink interferes with the day's progression. Most problems don't fit an easy solution or a familiar one. However, most problems are dispensed with by seeing them as opportunities for creative response, calmly seeking guidance and then moving ahead slowly, being aware of the effects of our actions.

Action for the Day: Today, and every day, I will have an opportunity to think creatively and to rely on my inner guide. Instead of dreading the unfamiliar, I will be glad for it. It's moving me ever closer to understanding life's mysteries.
One Day At A Time
If there were no social instinct, there would be no society.
Yet these instincts, so necessary for our existence,
often far exceed the proper functions.
Powerfully, blindly, many times subtly, they drive us, dominate us,
and insist upon ruling our lives.
- As Bill Sees It, p. 142

Thought to Ponder . . .
I am as sick as my secrets.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
A A =
Always Aware.
Daily Motivation

Step forward with action

Start now, not tomorrow or early next week or when you have the time. Now is when your time is, so use it now.

Sure, it’s important to plan and to prepare. What’s essential, though, is to put your intentions into action.

Even if you’re not fully prepared, there’s something you can do right now. Even if you’re unable to get it all done, you can get moving right away in a productive direction.

Action accomplishes more than just the immediate results it creates. Taking action seals your commitment and puts you in a state of solid, indisputable effectiveness.

Action lets you see and know, without the slightest doubt, how capable you can be. Though it’s great to tell yourself you can do it, action goes several steps beyond that and shows you that you can do it.

Your dreams and goals and best intentions begin to be truly yours only when you act on them. So stop just thinking about it or wishing for it, and step forward right now with real, solid action.

— Ralph Marston

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