Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Daily Motivation 4-4-2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012
Today's Gift

All we are asked to bear we can bear. That is a law of the spiritual life. The only hindrance to the working of this law, as of all benign laws, is fear. —Elizabeth Goudge

There is no problem too difficult to handle with all the help available to us. Let's not be overwhelmed. There is a saying "Let go and let God," to turn it over. And that's where the solution lies.

Our challenges, the stumbling blocks in our way, beckon us toward the spiritual working-out of the problem which moves us closer toward being the women we are meant to be. Our fear comes from not trusting in the power greater than ourselves to provide the direction we need, to make known the solution.

Every day we will have challenges. We have lessons to learn which means growing pains. If we could but remember that our challenges are gifts to grow on and that within every problem lies the solution.

I will not be given more than I and my higher power can handle today, or any day.

From Each Day a New Beginning: Daily Meditations for Women by Karen Casey©

Twenty-Four Hours a Day
Walk in Dry Places

You are not alone
If you feel isolated and lonely, tape the letters ~~ YANA~~ to the dash in your car. "You Are Never Alone" can help bring a surge of confidence when you most need it.

We are not alone because we have thousands of friends who have shared our experience and who understand our feelings. We also are not alone because we have a Higher Power who presides over the affairs of all humankind. We can never be separated from this Power except in our own minds.
We must remember that we will always need other people. Virtually everything that benefits us is supplied by the skills and knowledge of others.We can believe that we are completely independent, but the truth is that no person survives completely alone.

The typical problem for many of us is in failing to seek help from others. If extreme loneliness is closing in on us, the best prescription is a meeting and the company of other members.

Action for the Day: I'll not be too proud to ask for help today or to explain to others that I need them and appreciate them. I should also freely admit that help from others led me to sobriety---and helps maintain it today.
One Day At A Time
Hope is the priceless ingredient for recovery.
This, AA gives, most frequently not in mere words.
Upon the alcoholic's first contact with AA, as he looks around the room
and sees men and women respectively clothed and in their right minds,
enjoying themselves, that flicker of hope begins to burn.
And he says to himself, "If these jokers can do it, I can."
The first need, beyond any other, is hope. Without it, there is nothing.
- Experience, Strength and Hope [Vol. 1], pp. 156-157

Thought to Ponder . . .
If I don't drink today, I have the hope of a tomorrow.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
H O P E =
Heart Open; Please Enter.
Daily Motivation

Promise yourself

Promise yourself that you will make the most of this priceless moment. Promise yourself you will direct your attention and your efforts toward those things that have real meaning and purpose.

Promise yourself that you will be yourself, in a truly loving, authentic and effective way, in all that you do. Promise yourself you won’t waste your valuable time on useless anger, resentment, envy or worry.

Remind yourself what an extraordinary opportunity you have on even the most ordinary of days. Show yourself how great and fulfilling life can be with the way you choose to live each moment.

Give yourself good and compelling reasons to get up each day and get going in a positive and productive manner. Give yourself great, wonderful, special dreams that are absolutely worth living for.

Allow yourself to see the value and beauty in every situation. Tell yourself, again and again, how fortunate you are to be able to zero in on the positive possibilities and use them to make a real difference in life.

Fill yourself with joy and enthusiasm as you greet each dawning day. And promise yourself to make each one rich and truly meaningful in your own unique way.

— Ralph Marston

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