Monday, October 10, 2011

Daily Motivation 10-10-11

Monday, October 10, 2011
Today's Gift

The last of the human freedoms is to choose one's attitudes. —Victor Frankl

When we stand and look at a mountain, it looks awesome, majestic, and perhaps intimidating. To climb the mountain we will need to select a route. Which approach will give us success? Which will provide a beautiful view? Which is safest? What are the rewards and trade offs among the paths available?

In our lives, we usually cannot choose the mountains that face us, but we can choose the best paths to approach them. One path may be a very negative attitude. It may feel safe like a narrow, protected passageway. It is predictable, but it keeps us cut off from others. Another path may be filled with too many self-indulgent pleasures and never progress in any direction. Another path may be hard and include some risks, but it allows us to be in contact with others and to appreciate the beauty along the way. When we make positive choices about our attitudes, although the mountain is challenging, we are liberated to become the kind of men we're meant to be.

Today, I will choose friendly attitudes toward myself that will help me on my journey.

From Touchstones: A Book of Daily Meditations for Men©


Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Walk In Dry Places

Putting our trust in people.
How much should we trust other people? This is an important question, because many of us have erred in both directions: we've trusted people too much or not enough.

We can find our answer in the spiritual side of the program. We do have a Higher Power in whom we can have absolute trust. We can have little doubt that the spiritual presence behind everything is infallible and supreme.

As human beings, we know that we can only be trusted in certain ways. We can work to develop our trustworthiness, but it is never high enough, even with the strongest souls. All of us have weaknesses that can keep us from being what we know to be our best.

We should work to develop trust in both ourselves and others, but not be hurt or disappointed when things go wrong. Above all, our real trust should be in our Higher Power.

Action for the Day: I'll work today to be trusting and trustworthy, but I'll not expect too much of anybody, including myself.
One Day At A Time
I've found that my experiences can be of help to other people.
I have come to believe that hard times are not just meaningless suffering
and that something good might turn up at any moment.
That's a big change for someone who used to come to in the morning
feeling sentenced to another day of life.
When I wake up today, there are lots of possibilities.
I can hardly wait to see what's going to happen.
- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 374

Thought to Ponder . . .
Refresh your spirit with everyday miracles.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
A A =
Always Awesome.
Daily Motivation

Imagine differently

The way you are is the way you believe you are. Change what you believe about you, and you change your life.

It’s easy to assume that you’ll always be stuck with how you are right now. Your present perspective is powerful because you feel it with your whole being.

But your habits are your habits only because you keep choosing to maintain them. The limitations you assume yourself to have, are yours only because you continue to believe, support and defend those assumptions.

You can imagine differently. You can imagine a more fulfilled, effective and purposeful you.

Instead of spending all your thoughts and energy on your problems and frustrations, give some power and feeling to your dreams. Rather than conjuring up excuses for why you can’t live those dreams, visualize rich scenarios in which you are bringing them fully to life.

If you’re not completely satisfied with how you are, imagine differently. Intensely feel the beauty and joy of what you imagine, and steadily bring it to life.

— Ralph Marston

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  1. The Daily Motivation is SO PERFECT for the 2 problems I deal with today. THANK YOU. That is very beautiful and I believe totally true. I take it to heart and will use it. Thank you for posting, Ednpride