Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daily Motivation 6-20-11

Thursday, June 30, 2011
Today's Gift

There is nothing as easy as denouncing. It don't take much to see that something is wrong, but it takes some eyesight to see what will put it right again. —Will Rogers

We come to this day with a choice of whether to be for something or against it. Shall we put energy into what we seek and admire or shall we give our energy to opposition and resistance of what we dislike? If someone asks a favor, we have a choice to resent and resist the intrusion or to engage with the person and see where it might lead. If a project we are working on is frustrating, we can wallow in criticizing it or try to get a clearer picture of what will work and what we want.

Criticizing may be a helpful first stage in learning, but it is seductive because it holds little risk and we feel safe doing it. In that comfort we forget to go forward to create what we really want. Our negative energy, when we are seduced by it, creates negative results. When we look back upon today, we will admire those choices that risked creating something positive.

Today, I will not give my energy to denouncing but to creating what I believe is worthwhile.

From Touchstones: A Book of Daily Meditations for Men©


Twenty-Four Hours A Day
Keep It Simple

When a man points a finger at someone else, he should remember that three of his fingers are pointing at himself.---Louis Nizer
It's so easy to blame others. Others are always making mistakes we can hide behind. That's what blame is---hiding. When we blame others for our mistakes, we're trying to hide our character defects.
It's nobody else’s fault that we act the way we do. It's our fault. We're responsible for our actions.

And with the help of our Higher Power, we can change. We can turn over our character defects. Over time, we're not afraid to learn about ourselves---even the parts we don't like---because we want to know ourselves better.
Prayer for the Day: I pray for help in facing my character defects.

Action for the Day: I'll think about the past week. I'll list times I've used blame to hide from reality.


One Day At A Time
Embracing Reality
Above all, we reject fantasizing and accept reality.
The more I drank, the more I fantasized everything.
I imagined getting even for hurts and rejections. In my mind's eye,
I played and re-played scenes in which I was plucked magically
from the bar where I stood nursing a drink and was instantly exalted
to some position of power and prestige. I lived in a dream world.
AA led me gently from this fantasizing to embrace reality with open arms.
And I found it beautiful! For, at last, I was at peace with myself.
And with others. And with my Higher Power.
- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 559

Thought to Ponder . . .
Few people have the imagination to see reality.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
A A =
Always Aware.
Daily Motivation

Top priority

You are already highly successful at achieving your true priorities. If you’re not happy with what that success has brought into your life, you can change those priorities.

Your true priorities are not based on what you say they are, or on what you might like for them to be. Your true priorities are the ones you give your time and effort to act upon.

If something is important enough to you, you’ll find a way to make it happen. Look around at your life, at what you’ve made happen, and you’ll see a clear picture of what has been important to you up to this point in time.

If you look around at your situation and don’t like everything you see, change your priorities. The way to change those priorities is not merely with what you say or think or plan or hope, although your thoughts and hopes and plans can give you good direction.

Ultimately, though, to truly adopt new, more positive and enriching priorities, you must act on them. Every little moment of every day gives you an opportunity to do so.

Whatever you desire will most assuredly be yours when you make it a top priority. Right now is when you can do precisely that.

— Ralph Marston

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