Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Daily Motivations 5-10-11

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Today's Gift

To wait for someone else, or to expect someone else to make my life richer, or fuller, or more satisfying, puts me in a constant state of suspension; and I miss all those moments that pass. They never come back to be experienced again. —Kathleen Tierney Crilly

The steps we are taking today will never again be taken in exactly the same way. The thoughts we are thinking are fresh, never to be repeated. All that these moments offer will never pass our way again.

We each have to grab our own happiness, create our own richness through experiences. We may share what we capture with loved ones, but like us, they too must search their own avenues for the satisfaction that lasts. We can neither give happiness to another, like a gift, nor expect it in return.

The fullness of life we all long for is the natural byproduct of living every moment as fully as possible. Our higher power will never direct us into waters too deep. When we have willingly turned our lives and our wills over, we'll find an abundance of the rich, the full, the satisfying. Faith in our Higher Power answers all questions, solves all problems.

I will cherish every moment today. Each one is special and will not visit me again.

From Each Day a New Beginning: Daily Meditations for Women by Karen Casey©

Twenty-Four Hours a Day
Keep It Simple

As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.---Andrew Carnegie
Doing something with our lives, not just talking about it, is important. When we were sick with our addiction, what we did was drink or use other drugs. We only talked about what we wanted to do. Now that we are sober, we can really live our lives.
We've already done a lot. we've gotten help for our chemical dependency. We've facing the harm we did to our families. We've let other people into our lives.
Before recovery, we didn't have to tell people we were alcoholics and addicts. Our actions showed it, if people knew what to look for. Now we don't have to tell people we were recovering, because our actions will show it.

Prayer for the Day: Higher Power, let my actions show that I am getting better every day.
Action for the Day: Today, I'll let my actions speak louder than words. I'll do one thing that I have been saying I want to do.

One Day At A Time
Word of Mouth
Once one is fairly sober, and sure of this, there seems to be no reason
for failing to talk about AA membership in the right places.
This has a tendency to bring in other people.
Word of mouth is one of our most important communications.
So we should criticize neither the people who wish to remain silent,
nor even the people who wish to talk too much about belonging to AA,
provided they do not do so at the public level
and thus compromise our whole Society.
- As Bill Sees It, p. 120

Thought to Ponder . . .
Walk softly and carry a Big Book.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
A A =
Adventurers Anonymous.

Daily Motivation

Feel that way

What would your life be like if you were living at the most meaningful and fulfilled level you can imagine? If you want to be that way, then choose to feel that way.

Your desires are yours because of the way you expect they will make you feel. Yet no matter what your outside situation may be, your inner feelings are yours to choose in any flavor, at any time, in any circumstance.

By choosing the feelings that resonate with your dreams, you give real substance and life to those dreams. By deciding to feel that way, you become that way.

Though it may seem sometimes your feelings simply come over you, that’s not the way it happens. Whatever you feel is what you have, by habit or by intention, chosen to feel.

So instead of feeling hopeless, decide to feel empowered. Instead of feeling angry or bitter, frustrated or fearful, choose to feel determined and effective.

Allow your most positive, affirming feelings to fill your awareness. And ride along with those feelings as they find real expression in the substance of your life.

— Ralph Marston

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