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Daily Motivation 5-11-11

Tuesday, May 11, 2011
Today's Gift

Bad moments, like good ones, tend to be grouped together. —Edna O'Brien

Rough times may be pouring in on us at the moment, and they may seem unending. Difficulties appear to attract more difficulties, problems with loved ones, problems at work, and problems with our appearance. A negative attitude, something that we all struggle with at times (some of us more than others), is the culprit.

When the good times come, as they always do, they are accompanied by a positive attitude. We do find what we look for.

Our attitude is crucial. It determines our experiences. A trying situation can be tolerated with relative ease when we have a positive, trusting attitude. We forget, generally, that we have an inner source of strength to meet every situation. We forget the simple truth - all is well, at this moment, and at every moment. When the moments feel good, our presence is light, cheery. When the moments are heavy, so are we.

I can turn my day around. I can change the flavor of today's experiences. I can lift my spirits and know all is well.

From Each Day a New Beginning: Daily Meditations for Women by Karen Casey©

Twenty-Four Hours a Day
Walk in Dry Places

Unfair People
Now and then, we encounter people who are almost blatant in their unfairness to others. We may make a 200-mile drive to a customer who is completely unprepared to see us, despite having had advanced notice. Or we may have a friend who is openly critical of our shortcomings while completely overlooking his or her own.
Unfair though these people may be, they give us the opportunity to exercise spiritual muscles. We can improve ourselves and the world by refusing to retaliate when such unfairness occurs.

The long-term benefit is that many of these unfair people change or fade out of our lives. As we handle such things spiritually, we recall times when we too were unfair, and we realize that such faults are part of the human condition. We are lucky people because we're being given the opportunity to raise the human condition to a higher level. We also hear that "life's isn't fair", it's just there" Not understanding life completely , we're not sure about its fairness. What we are sure about is that we value fairness and can show more of it now that we're sober.
Action for the Day: I will not seek out unfair treatment today, but neither will I be upset if it occurs. If it does, I'll deal with it as another lesson in my spiritual growth.


One Day At A Time

Too many times discouragement has been the bonus
for unrealistic expectations, not to mention self-pity or fatigue
from my wanting to change the world by the weekend.
Discouragement is a warning signal
that I may have wandered across the God line.
The secret of fulfilling my potential is an acknowledging my limitations
and believing that time is a gift, not a threat.
- Daily Reflections, p. 70

Thought to Ponder . . .
Our limitations keep us sane.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
H O P E =
Hang On; Pray Everyday.

Daily Motivation

Streak of bad luck

If you’re having a bad day, or a bad week or year, it’s nothing personal. In fact, it’s nothing at all.

The fates are not malevolently aligned against you. You’ve just chosen to see it that way.

Your streak of bad luck will end at precisely the moment you decide it is over. The only thing that can make the future look bleak is your agonizing over the past, and that can end right now.

Misfortune is difficult when you’re living through it. Yet as you do live through it, you build strength, experience, determination, and a solid connection to authentic purpose.

Instead of seeing yourself as a victim of your troubles, realize that as of now, you are very much a beneficiary of them. Though the pain may be deep, the power is even more profound.

With a renewed sense of purpose, look forward and move forward. Your future is yours to choose.

— Ralph Marston

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