Monday, February 28, 2011

Daily Motivation 2-28-11

Monday, February 28, 2011
Today's Gift

Nothing that is worth doing can be done alone, but has to be done with others. —Dr. Reinhold Niebuhr

We who are blessed with a closely-knit family life, where thoughts and actions can be discussed and developed, are aware that what is given is not as important as what is shared. As we help one another, we learn that sharing can never exist unless we care first. This is the major ingredient of love.

Albert Schweitzer described human service toward a common goal as the greatest of deeds. Charles Dickens assured us that when we lighten the burdens of another, we can never consider ourselves useless. Those of us who are led today may show the way tomorrow. In giving, we receive, and in getting we cannot avoid being givers.

What do I receive by giving today?

From Today's Gift: Daily Meditations for Families ©1985

Twenty-Four Hours a Day
Keep It Simple

Leave yourself alone.---Jenny Janacek
We often pick on ourselves. We put ourselves down. But doing this isn't part of our recovery.
In fact, it goes against our program. Our program is based on loving care. We have turned our lives over to a caring, loving Higher Power who will give us the answers. We are told Easy Does It. We back off. As recovering addicts, we learn not to judge. Instead, we learn to be kind to ourselves. Our job is not to figure out the world, butt to add more love to it. Let's start with ourselves.
Prayer for the Day:  Higher Power, stop me from judging. Help me know what You want to do. Help me work the Steps Two and Three.
Action for the Day:  Today, I'll leave myself alone. I will remember that picking on myself is another from of control.


One Day At A Time
I know the biggest word for me in AA is "honesty."
I don't know if the program would work for me if I didn't get honest with myself
about everything. Honesty is the easiest word for me to understand
because it is the exact opposite of what I've been doing all my life.
Therefore, it will be the hardest to work on.
But I will never be totally honest -- that would make me perfect. Only God is.
- Experience, Strength and Hope, pp. 400-401

Thought to Ponder . . .
Honesty isn't an event -- it's a process.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
H A L T =
Honesty, Acceptance, Love, Trust.

Daily Motivation
You can keep going
Even when the going gets rough, you can keep going. After all, you've been doing it all your life.
A disappointing result will stop you only if you assume that it is supposed to stop you. However, you can just as easily assume that all your results are prompting you to keep going.
After all, when you're getting results of any kind, you're making a difference. If the results are not to your liking, you can fine-tune your efforts and greatly improve those results.
Many things are simply not going to happen with just one, or three, or even a dozen attempts. Yet anything becomes possible with enough persistence.
Keep going, and allow your efforts to build upon one another. Keep going, and transform the disappointments into achievements.
You have what it takes to keep going, because all it ever takes is just one more step forward. Keep going, and work your way steadily to the richest rewards you can imagine.
-- Ralph Marston

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