Friday, February 25, 2011

Daily Motivation 2-25-11

Friday, February 25, 2011
Today's Gift
Our awesome responsibility to ourselves, to our children, and to the future is to create ourselves in the image of goodness, because the future depends on the nobility of our imaginings. --Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

The world we live in depends on the responsible contributions each of us makes. And this world is just as good as are the many talents we commit ourselves to developing and offering. None of us is without obligation to offer our best to our family, friends, or strangers, if our hope is to live in a good world. The world can only be as good as each of us makes it.

Individually and collectively our power to mold the outer circumstances of our lives is profound. Our personal responses to one another and our reactions to events that touch us combine with the actions of others to create a changed environment that affects us. No action, no thought goes unnoticed, unfelt, in this interdependent system of humanity. We share this universe. We are the force behind all that the universe offers.

Whether I acknowledge the depth of my contribution is irrelevant. It is still profound and making an impact every moment and eternally.

You are reading from the book:

The Promise of a New Day by Karen Casey and Martha Vanceburg


Twenty-Four Hours A Day
Keep It Simple

Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.---Willaim James
Step Two speaks of believing. For many years, we had given up believing in ourselves, in a Higher Power, and in others. We believed in getting high. Now our program tells us to believe in love. We are lovable, and we can love others without hurting them. Of course, believing is an important part of recovery.
To believe means to put aside our doubts. To believe means to have hope. Believing makes the road a little smoother. So, believing lets the healing happen a little faster. All of this is how we get ready to let in the care of our Higher Power.

Prayer for the Day:  I pray for the courage to believe. I'll not let doubt into my heart. I can recover. I can give myself totally to this simple program.

Action for the Day:  I'll list four times doubt got in my way. And I'll think of what I can do to not let that happen again.


One Day At A Time
Letting Go
For a long time, I had the idea that I must succeed, I must be right,
I must be important. If I let go, I thought, then I wouldn't be anybody.
Well, who was I, anyway? Just a willful alcoholic woman.
Now I'm beginning to see that letting go doesn't mean giving up.
It means opening myself to new vistas.
I'm thrilled and I'm scared at the same time.
- Came To Believe . . ., p. 41

Thought to Ponder . . .
When I struggle, I sink. When I let go, I float.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
H O W =
Honesty, Open-mindedness, Willingness.

Daily Motivation
With the flow
Don't force the experience of your life to be a certain way. Allow it to naturally unfold in accordance with your authentic intentions.

When you try too hard, all you get is trying, and the frustration that comes with it. Let life's goodness come to you, and you'll understand that there's never any need to grab it.
Pushing against the flow will mainly bring you pain. Instead, go along with the flow of life's energy, and you can experience whatever you truly desire.
Marvel at the beauty and possibility in each moment that comes, as it comes. Then peacefully let it go, and allow the new beauty of the next moment to fill your awareness.
You will experience all that you sincerely choose to experience by knowing and seeing that it is already available to you. Whatever you envision will come flowing through your thoughts, words, feelings and actions as you allow it to come.
Feel the immense power of your own existence. And allow your highest vision to peacefully come to life.
-- Ralph Marston

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