Thursday, May 6, 2010

Daily Motivations 5-6-2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010
Today's Gift

Little importance has been given to body awareness. The emphasis is on achievement rather than awareness. Yet it is only those athletes who have a highly developed kinesthetic sense - muscle sense - who ever achieve high levels of excellence.
—W. Timothy Gallwey

The outstanding athlete is guided by the feeling in his muscles and bones. He knows as he moves how much force to apply, how to place the ball on target, or how to dive gracefully. Competitiveness and achievement are useful in our lives. Winning provides us with motivation and fun. But when we give primary importance to being a winner, we weaken and lose balance.

Our balance is strengthened through more awareness in all aspects of our lives. If a ruler refused to hear news from a certain section of his country, his leadership would suffer. When we ignore our feelings and don't reflect on our daily lives, we become weaker and less adequate men. As we read this page today, we are opening ourselves to internal messages and opening the windows of awareness.

Higher Power, help me find more balance and learn to be more aware.

From Touchstones: A Book of Daily Meditations for Men ©1986, 1991 by Hazelden Foundation.

Twenty-Four Hours A Day

Walk in Dry Places


Dealing with Fear

Some of us suffer from a free-floating anxiety that is like a general fear, while others have specific fears that cause distress. Sometimes the specific fears are easier to face, because they can at least be identified. Most of us dread that other kind--- a sort of general apprehension that things are not well or that something very bad is about to happen.

It's reasonable to have some fear when facing trouble or risk. It's unreasonable, however, to let fear keep us from acting in our own best interests. A review of the past may show that may of us did that while drinking-- and brought even more calamities upon ourselves.
Whatever the fear, the answer is always the same. We must apply our principles to the problem, take any reasonable action and then place the outcome in our Higher Power's hands. No person can do more than this.

This will not bring permanent victory over fear. It will however, give us confidence in the program as a tool for dealing with fears that arise in the future.

Action for the Day: I may have to deal with fear today, but I will accept it as part of the human condition. I know that I have great spiritual resources to deal with any fear that might arise, and this gives me confidence and reassurance.
One Day At A Time
Yes, I began with blind faith, but the proof of truth is that it works.
I believed those who said they had suffered from alcoholism,
but, through AA, were now enjoying sobriety.
So the truth was there for me to see.
But shortly I knew the truth from my own experience.
I was not only released from the compulsion to drink;
I was guided toward a compulsion to live!
- Came To Believe . . ., p. 3

Thought to Ponder . . .
Truth is to inner space what sunshine is to a garden.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
F A I T H =
Facing An Inner Truth Heals.

Daily Motivation
Fear of rejection
You won't get anyone to say yes unless you're willing to take the risk that they'll say no. To get the answer you seek, you must ask.
When you ask, there is the possibility of rejection. And though rejection may seem like something to avoid, is it really so bad?

What's much, much worse is to live in fear of rejection. When you never even ask, the answer is always no.

What if you could simply let go of that fear of rejection? The fact is, you can.

Some people will value what you say, what you do, what you seek, and other people won't. Keep reminding yourself that's their concern, not yours.

Choose to do what you know is worthy and what you know is best. Let go of the useless and limiting fear of rejection, and feel the freedom to truly soar.

-- Ralph Marston

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