Monday, November 30, 2015

The Work-In: Daily Motivation 11-30-2015

Monday, November 30, 2015
Today's Gift

One way to become enthusiastic is to look for the plus sign. To make progress in any difficult situation, you have to start with what's right about it and build on that. -- Norman Vincent Peale

Beginning our days with a positive mental outlook is a great depression chaser. Simply lifting our heads and looking up and out instead of down will make us feel better. Although we can't spend all our time staring at the sky, we can train ourselves to look for the best in ourselves and others.

Even in the middle of difficulty or pain, we have choices. We can choose a gloom-and-doom attitude and endlessly replay the thoughts that accompany it. Or we can step back and find the one good thing. We may be blinded with pain. The situation may appear hopeless, utterly bleak. But we are equal to it; in our pain there is at least one good thing.

We are the masters of our fate. We can change even the most difficult situations with an attitude of hope and positive expectation. Approaching each day with a hopeful heart will give us a different approach to our troubles.

Today help me find the one good thing. Help me let go of fear and negativity.

From the book Body, Mind, and Spirit ©

From: Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation - Thought for the Day

Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Keep It Simple

Doubt indulged soon becomes doubt realized. --Frances Ridley Havergal

We are powerless over our addictions, whether liquor, pills, people, food. We are powerless over the outcome of all events involving us. And we are powerless over the lives of our friends and family members. We are not powerless, however, over our own attitudes, our own behavior, our own self-image, our own determination, our own commitment to life and this simple program.

Power aplenty we have, but we must exercise it in order to understand its breadth. We'll find all the day's activities, interactions, plans decidedly more exciting when we exercise control over our responses. We don't have to feel or respond except in the way that pleases us. We have total control and we'll find this realization exhilarating.

Our recovery is strengthened each time we determine the proper behavior, choose an action that feels right, take responsibility where it is clearly ours to take. The benefits will startle us and bring us joy.

Action for the Day: I will take charge of my life today.

From: Bluidkiti's Alcohol and Drug Addictions Recovery Help/Support Forums

One Day At A Time

The Light
"Believe more deeply. Hold your face up to the Light, even though for the moment you do not see."
- As Bill Sees It, p. 3

Thought to Ponder . . .
From darkness comes light.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
H O P E = Heart Open; Please Enter.

From: AA Thought for the Day (courtesy

Daily Motivation

Excerpt of The Daily Motivator

Plan and then act
by Ralph Marston

Think, but don’t overthink. Consider, but don’t consider so much that you fail to take action.

Plan, prepare and strategize, but don’t stop there. Do what you have planned.

It’s not enough to think you should do it, or hope to do it, or make elaborate plans for doing it. Go beyond mere planning, take the first step, and the next step and the next, until the job is done.

Thinking things through is great, up to a point. After a certain point, thinking becomes a substitute for action or even worse, an excuse for not taking action.

Though you may be highly skilled at anticipating what will happen, you never know for sure until you actually do it. So give some thought to it, then do it.

Yes, it’s fun to make big plans. Never forget, though, what’s even more fun is to see those plans come to life through your actions.

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