Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Daily Motivation 9-26-2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Today's Gift

The most wasted day is that in which we have not laughed. --Chamfort

When we are adrift in our dysfuntions, we take ourselves very seriously and often lose contact with reality. We become lost in fantasy and obsession. Life becomes joyless because we can't see beyond our dysfuntions and we find no real satisfaction there. We lose touch with the joy and humor of life, and we find that everything around us and inside us is grim and dark.

One of the many positive signs of our return to health and sanity is our re-discovery of the gift of laughter. Each day as we gain more energy and zest of life, we move in to the world and find many things that are humorous, in ourselves and in other people. We laugh and find we are no longer alone.

Laughter is the mark of a healthy, happy human being. Laughter shows that we are truly a part of the human community. It is a sign that we are alive and on the way to our true selves.

I am glad that I can laugh again and feel in touch with myself and others.

From the book Answers in the Heart by Anonymous

Twenty-Four Hours a Day
Keep It Simple
What difference does it make how I am treated by life? My real life is
within. --Angela L. Wozniak
It is said that we teach people how to treat us. How we treat others invites
similar treatment. Our response to the external conditions of our lives can
be greatly altered by our perceptions of those conditions. And we have
control of that perception. No experience has to demoralize us. Each
situation can be appreciated for its long-term contribution to our growth
as a happy, secure person.
No outside circumstances will offer us full time and forever the security
we all long for. And in like manner, none will adversely interfere with our
well being, except briefly and on occasion.

Our real life is within offers us the awareness that our security, happiness, and
well being reside within. The uplifting moments of our lives may enhance
our security, but they can't guarantee that it will last. Only the relationship
we have with ourselves and a Higher Power within can promise the gift of security.

Action for the Day:  The ripples in my day are reminders to me to go within.
One Day At A Time

A Spiritual Life
AA is a spiritual program and a spiritual way of life. . .
This, then, became the opening to the spiritual world.
With the guidance of the program and the encouragement within the Fellowship,
I could begin to find out about myself and be prepared for what I found.
- Came to Believe . . ., p. 3

Thought to Ponder . . .
There is no materialism in AA -- just spirituality.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
K I S S =
Keeping It Simple, Spiritually
Daily Motivation

This very day

Your life is here, right now, today, so live it. The opportunity to move forward is in this moment, so take it and make it count.

No time is a good time for excuses, so don’t waste your energy even thinking about them. This is the time for action, so get going.

Your life on this very day offers countless magnificent possibilities. And this very day is the day when you can act to bring the best of those possibilities to life.

The clock is already running, so make the time work in your favor as it passes. Make the time work for you by working to make meaningful, purposeful and valuable use of it.

There is so much you’ve already done, and so much more you can do. Focus on your most positive, highly desired vision of how life can be, and bring that vision to life in your world.

Your own best possibilities are calling to you on this very day. Heed the call, do the work, make a difference, make it count, and feel the joy as those beautiful possibilities spring to life.

— Ralph Marston

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