Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Daily Motivation 2-7-2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012
Today's Gift

It is the weak who are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong.  —Leo Rosten

When we think of strength, do we think of someone who shows no emotion and intimidates others with physical power? True strength is the freedom to show all kinds of feelings. Strong people aren't afraid of being vulnerable. A person who feels insecure may not feel free to show any kind of softness or be able to share gentle feelings. If we have true inner strength, we are not afraid to show what is a part of us, gentle feelings included.

It is wonderful to see a well-conditioned athlete cry tears of joy after a victory. In such an example we can see physical and emotional strength. In our lives together, we will be stronger if we do not try to hide our feelings out of fear. As our feelings flow, we will increase our self-understanding and build our true strength.

Am I strong enough to show how I really feel today?

From Today's Gift: Daily Meditations for Families ©

Twenty-Four Hours a Day
Walk In Dry Places
No man is born into the world whose work is not born with him. --James Russell Lowell
Our Wise Creator has provided each of us, at birth, with the necessary talents and gifts to make a worthwhile contribution to the world. What we make of those gifts and talents is entirely up to us. We can choose to ignore, and thereby destroy, our innate interests and abilities - or we can choose to pursue them, despite our doubts and fears, and enjoy life to the fullest.
If we wish to use our talents and gifts, we must become aware of those activities and interests we enjoy. Then we must make the effort to explore the opportunities and alternatives available to us. If we do not find a place for our interests and abilities in the world around us, we needn't be discouraged. We can create one. Dedication and perseverance have opened many seemingly closed doors.
Action for the Day: Today I'll aks myself, Am I doing the best with what I've been given? Am I using my capabilities well? If I am not, am I willing to take the necessary action to achieve inner satisfaction?
One Day At A Time
How could I be more aware of those character defects before they surfaced?
Well I have found that through this prayer business!
I have also found that quiet meditation and prayer in a more comfortable position
seems to work just as well—and saves wear and tear on the knees.
I plan to continue the use of prayer in my daily routine.
I am now 73, and for me this is brain flossing at its best.
So to all those doubters out there, may I leave you with this:
“Good things come to those who wait, if they work like hell while they wait.”
- The AA Grapevine, February 2012

Thought to Ponder . . .
The Three "P's" -- Pause, Pray, Proceed.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
P U S H =
Pray Until Something Happens.
Daily Motivation

Enjoy the effort

Effort can be complicated, inconvenient, tedious, frustrating and unpleasant. Yet it also can be liberating, enriching, empowering, fascinating and downright enjoyable.

Effort creates value, and is an essential part of life. Though it is not always easy, and sometimes fails to produce the desired results, it is always worth the trouble.

Though effort can often feel like a burden, that’s mostly because you have decided for it to feel that way. The great thing is, you can always choose to feel however you wish to feel about the effort you’re making.

As long as you’re making the effort anyway, you might as well embrace it and get the very most from it. There’s a reason why you’re making the effort, so your best strategy is to treat that effort as an opportunity rather than as a burden.

Yes, it may be complicated, yet that complexity will compel you to learn new and valuable things. Sure, it might be frustrating and tedious, and yet that will build the power of your patience.

Instead of resenting or fighting against the necessity of effort, be thankful that you’re in a position to make that effort, and by so doing to create new value. Choose to enjoy the effort, and you’ll get the greatest possible rewards from whatever you’re doing.

— Ralph Marston

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