Friday, November 25, 2011

Daily Motivation 11-25-11

Friday, November 25, 2011
Today's Gift
I always have two lists: things I'm happy about and things I'm not. It's my choice which list I focus on. --Anne Arthur
Why do we all too eagerly see the glass as half empty rather than as half full? It need not be a habit that we are stuck with forever. All of us feel helpless at times to change our vision of life. Discouragement and self-pity become comfortable, and we fear that discarding them will leave us vulnerable.
Seeing the glass as half empty is a sign that our attitude is holding us back. Unfortunately, a bad attitude is seductive. It's as though we find pleasure, perverse though it may be, in feeling sorry for ourselves. Sometimes we even imagine staying in that place forever. It's then that we need the warmth of loving friends, and it's no accident that we are surrounded by them in this fellowship.
We may, at first, try to ignore those reaching toward us, but we will soon feel their presence. We can thank our Higher Power for the inspiration to adjust our attitude.
If I reach out lovingly to someone else today, I will not need a nudge from my Higher Power to adjust my attitude.
From the book: A Woman's Spirit by Karen Casey

Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Keep It Simple

"If onlys" are lonely. --Morgan Jennings
The circumstances of our lives seldom live up to our expectations or desires. However, in each circumstance we are offered an opportunity for growth or change, a chance for greater understanding of life's heights and pitfalls. Each time we choose to lament what isn't, we close the door on the invitation to a better existence.
We simply don't know just what's best for us. Our vision is limited. Less so today than yesterday, but limited still. The experiences we are offered will fail to satisfy our expectations because we expect so much less than our Higher Power has planned for us in the days ahead.

We get what we need, in the way of relationships, adventures, joys and sorrows, today and every day. Celebrating what we get and knowing there is good in it eases whatever trial we are undergoing. We are cared for, right now. We need not lament what we think we need. We do have what we need. We will always get what we need, when we need it.

Action for the day: I will breathe deeply and relax. At this moment my every need is being attended to. My life is unfolding exactly as it should.

One Day At A Time
One thing about this matter of drinking/using occasions . . .
many of us have had the guts, if pressure to drink or use really got unpleasantly strong,
simply make an excuse and leave, no matter what other people may think.
After all, our life is at stake.
We simply have to take whatever steps are necessary to preserve our own health.
Other people's reactions are their problem, not ours.
- Living Sober, p. 70

Thought to Ponder . . .
The Seven T's -- Take Time To Think The Thing Through.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
A A =
Always Alive.
Daily Motivation

Run with it

Let your life come fully and positively to life. You are here on this glorious day, so make the very most of it.

You have passions and interests, so pursue them. You have dreams and desires, so get busy and fulfill them.

You have unique perspectives and opinions, so express them. A magnificent, fascinating universe surrounds you, so experience it.

There are people about whom you care deeply. So give them your time, your attention, your love and fellowship.

You’ve already experienced yesterday, so don’t live it again today. This is a day to bring new and interesting and meaningful substance into your life.

On this very day you have the priceless opportunity to live. Take that opportunity, right now, and run with it as far and as high as you possibly can.

— Ralph Marston

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