Monday, October 24, 2011

Daily Motivation 10-24-11

Monday, October 24, 2011
Today's Gift

The universal human yearning (is) for something permanent, enduring, without shadow of change. —Willa Cather

The specter of change builds dread in most of us. We fear the effects on our personal lives. We lack faith that the impending change will benefit us. Only time can assure us of that. And it will, just as every change we've survived up to now has done.

Changes are gifts, really. They come as hallmarks to our present attainments. They signify successful growth. And they announce our readiness for more growth. How we struggle to understand this, and how quickly we forget it once we have adapted to the change. The struggle is then repeated the next time change visits us.

We long for permanence, believing it guarantees security, not realizing the only real security available to us come with our trust in our Higher Power, from whom all change comes as a blessing on the growth we've attained. If we were to experience total lack of change, we'd find death. Life is challenge, continued change, always endurable and growth enhancing. We can reflect on what's gone before, and trust that which faces us now.

Change means I am progressing, on course.

From Each Day a New Beginning: Daily Meditations for Women by Karen Casey

Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Walk In Dry Places

Light for Dark corners
Newspaper writers know that there's usually a future story in the "dark side" of any person who is being lavishly praised in the media. That's because almost every person has a "dark side" or secrets that are carefully guarded.

We should look for such dark corners in our own lives. Most of us are not public figures fearing exposure, but recovering people seeking to stay sober and healthy.

We can begin to illuminate our dark corners by discussing our secrets with others. This does not necessarily eliminate whatever shortcoming is involved, but our honesty is a step in the right direction.

False pride may also play a part in keeping dark secrets from others, causing fear that others might see us as we really are. Thus, learning to confront and confess our dark sides can lead to victory over both fear and pride.

Action for the Day: I'll strive today to be honest about any weaknesses or wrongs that I've been concealing. Under the light of such honesty, my dark secrets can be transformed.
One Day At A Time
Wouldn't you rather recognize you have a health condition
which can be successfully treated, than spend a lot of time worrying
about what's wrong with you?
We have found this is a better-looking, and better-feeling picture of ourselves
than the old gloomy selves we used to see. It's truer, too. We know.
The proof of it is in the way we feel, act, and think -- now.
- Living Sober, p. 10

Thought to Ponder . . .
A fear faced is a fear erased.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
F I N E =
Free, Independent, New, Energetic.
Daily Motivation

Power in every choice

Whatever fills your awareness most intensely is what you will bring to life. Instead of filling your awareness with excuses, fill it with passion.

With your moments, your skills, your words and your actions you will change your world today. Choose to let that change be driven by what you love rather than by what you fear.

Focus on the good things, on the possibilities, and on those dreams and values that are your most authentic. Make yourself the living embodiment of the best you can imagine.

Your life is constantly shaped by the way you live it, the way you think of it and the way you feel it. Even the smallest things have an influence, and all those things combine together to build the life you experience.

Every day is an opportunity to more fully express the unique beauty of who you are. Every situation is one in which you can choose to give rich substance and meaning to your world.

Feel the power that exists in every choice, and in every moment. Use that power wisely and purposefully, and live life at its best.

— Ralph Marston

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