Friday, July 1, 2011

Daily Motivation 7-1--11

Friday, July 1, 2011
Today's Gift
Seeing the good.

The beauty of our souls shines in many ways. The greatest of these is love.

In the spirit of loving kindness, every day a little ugliness is removed; our perspective on life grows broader and deeper.

In the spirit of love, our lives become fresher, our souls humbler; evil seems to disappear, and we learn to distinguish sinner from the sin.

Do I see the good in people?

Higher Power, let me walk in your love and see the good in all things.

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Day by Day - Second Edition by Anonymous


Twenty-Four Hours A Day
Walk In Dry Places

Strong Desire
Willingness is the Key
Although willpower alone does not work in overcoming alcoholism, there is a place for the will, or willingness, in the search for a happy sobriety. Things can happen if we are willing to let them happen. More important, progress often depends on our willingness to give up what stands in our way. It also requires our willingness to take the actions necessary for success.

This same willingness, so vital to finding sobriety, is also applicable in other areas of our lives. The pioneers of AA suggested that getting sober required being willing to go to any lengths. This is the key to other achievements and to the overcoming of problems besides alcohol.

We often have to put up with unpleasant conditions simply because we do not want to change them badly enough. For example, we may dislike the unpleasant coughing and risks of smoking, but lack the willingness to quit. We may brood over lost opportunities, but be unwilling to take advantage of the opportunities we have now.

The key to constructive change in our lives is willingness...... and that applies to other matters as well as to alcohol...............
Action for the Day:  I'll try to be honest today about what I really want. I will remind myself that if I want something badly enough, willingness is the key to action and to success.

One Day At A Time
A Note from Bill W.
To what extent I was personally responsible for my drinking, I don't know.
Yet I'm not one to take complete refuge in the idea that I was a sick man only.
In earlier years I certainly had some degree of free will.
That free will I used badly, to the great misery of my mother and countless others.
I am deeply ashamed.
As one who knows me a little, you may have heard how, ten years ago, a friend,
himself a liberated alcoholic, came to me bearing the light
which finally led me out of the toils.
There will come a day like that for you and yours -- I'm so confident!
- The Language of the Heart, p. 102

Thought to Ponder . . .
The task ahead of us is never as great as the Power behind us.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
O D A A T =
One Day At A Time.

Daily Motivation

Choose excellence

How do you achieve excellence? By doing the right thing.

Excellence is the result of caring about what you do, and of putting your very best effort into what you care about. Excellence is an outward expression of inner integrity, and few things are more valuable than that.

Excellence is a choice you always have the option of making. Whatever your level of skill, whatever resources are available, you can take what you have and move forward with excellence.

Excellence is a product of your attitude. Excellence is a product of your passion and commitment.

A life devoted to excellence is not easy, and can at times be frustrating and painful. Yet a life without excellence is even worse, because the pain of regret for what could have been is a pain that never ceases.

If you’re going to spend the time and do the work anyway, choose to do it with excellence. Excellence is an investment that continues to pay dividends long after the effort has been made.

— Ralph Marston

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