Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Today's Gift

I think
happiness is like the effect on an audience (when acting), if you think
of it all the time you will not get it, you must get lost in the part,
lost in your purposes and let the effect be the criterion of your
—Joanna Field

is a gift that accompanies every instance of our lives if we approach
each situation with gratitude, knowing that what's offered to us is
special to our particular needs. The experiences we meet day to day are
honing our Spirit, tempering our hard edges. For these we should offer

Our well-being is the gift. Deciding what will make us
happy, in fact, what we must have to be happy, prevents us from
grasping the unexpected pleasure of the "chance" events of the moment.
When we intently look for what we think we need, we may well be blind to
more beneficial opportunities God has chosen for us.

self-centeredness hinders every breath we take. It prejudices every
encounter. It stifles our creative potential. And most of all, it blocks
any chance for a spontaneous reaction to the moment. Spontaneity is the
breeding ground for creative living. And happiness is the byproduct.

Happiness is my decision, every moment.

From Each Day a New Beginning: Daily Meditations for Women by
Karen Casey


Twenty-Four Hours A Day

Keep It Simple


Life is short: live it
up. Nikita

We won't stay sober long unless it's more fun than using chemicals.

The truth is, using chemicals wasn't fun anymore. It was work. We just

told ourselves it was still fun.

So live it up! Try new things. Meet new friends. Try new foods. Taking

risks and having adventures are a basic human need. So go for it.

Sobriety is fun. Living a spiritual life is fun. Get out there and live!

Prayer for the day:
  Higher Power ,teach me to play. Teach me to
have fun. Teach me to live!

Action for the day:  Today is for fun. I'll try something new.
I'll see how many people

I can get to smile. And I'll celebrate the fact that I'm sober.


One Day At A Time

Divine Mystery

My memories no longer fill me with shame and remorse.
On the contrary, they fill me with gratitude and joy.
My whole story is a sort of divine mystery to me.
I don't know how an intelligent human being
ever could have got into such a mess,
and the more firmly established in sanity I become,
the more amazed I am that I ever got out of the mess.
- Came To Believe. . ., pp. 98-99

Thought to Ponder . . .
I saw, I felt, I believed.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
A B C = A
cceptance, Belief, Change.


Daily Motivation

Filled with joy

How do you keep yourself filled with joy? Give it away every chance you get.

Every encounter is an opportunity to add richness to your own life and to someone else's life. Make the most of those opportunities.

When you don't feel like being joyful, that's when it will make the biggest difference. When you don't feel like smiling, that's when a smile will feel the best.

Joy is always there to experience and to share, when you simply let it come. Go ahead, let it come now, and again, and again.

The better you feel, the more effective you'll be at everything you do. Feel how good it feels to let the joy inside flow out from you.

Feel the goodness as that joy fills your world.

-- Ralph Marston

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