Thursday, June 17, 2010

Daily Motivations 6-17-2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010
Today's Gift

Wisdom never kicks at the iron walls it can't bring down. —Olive Schreiner

God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change. Many times - yesterday, last week, today, and even tomorrow - we'll come face-to-face with a seemingly intolerable situation. The compulsion to change the situation, to demand that another person change the situation, is great. What a hard lesson it is, to learn we can change only ourselves! The hidden gift in this lesson is that as our activities change, often the intolerable situations do, too.

Acceptance, after a time, smoothes all the ripples that discourage us. And it softens us. It nurtures wisdom. It attracts joy and love from others. Ironically, we often try to force changes that we think will "loosen" love and lessen struggle. Acceptance can do what our willpower could never accomplish.

As we grow in wisdom, as we grow in understanding, as we realize the promises of this program, we'll stand ready, as women, to weather all our personal storms. Like the willow in the wind, we'll bend rather than break. And we'll be able to help our sisters and brothers become wise through our example.

My lessons are not easy. But they will ease my way. Better days begin, today.

From Each Day a New Beginning: Daily Meditations for Women by Karen Casey ©

Twenty-Four Hours A Day

Walk In Dry Places

Is the Golden Rule Applicable?
Some people say the Golden Rule is impractical or believe it can work only if everybody begins following it at the same time. We learn in 12 Step programs that the Golden Rule does work. We start by taking our own inventory, whether nor not others do. We make amends for our own wrongs, even when amends are not made to us. We think rightly about others, no matter how they think about us.
From time to time, we also receive a cosmic hint that the Golden Rule is far more than a mere human ideal expressed in an ancient time. It really appears to be one way of stating a law of life. We should treat others as we want to be treated because, in time, this is how we will be treated.

Action for the Day: Nothing will help me more with my program today than to practice the Golden Rule, even in the face of trying situations.

One Day At A Time

A Concept

I have a concept of a Higher Power that works for me.
It is neither male nor female, nor does it talk to me or walk with me on the beach.
I use the word "God" when speaking to others about it,
because it's a word I think they can understand.
This Higher Power expresses itself to me through my sponsor,
the men that I sponsor, and others in and out of AA.
Though it has no voice, I know I've heard its message.
- Thank You For Sharing, p.31

Thought to Ponder . . .
The stillness of God speaks louder than a choir of voices.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
G O D =
Good Orderly Direction.

Daily Motivation
Already yours
You're already a success. Now is when you can expand on that success and thereby make it even more meaningful and fulfilling.

You're already skilled at accomplishing what you decide to accomplish. Now is when you can choose to focus your efforts on reaching for the dreams that will give your life outstanding richness.

You are already immersed in a sea of abundance. Now is when you can express that abundance in ways that are beautifully and uniquely you.

There is no need to wait another moment. This is the time when you can make a difference.

Imagine the possibilities that are now here, and now yours. With your intention, with your commitment, with your actions you can bring the best of those possibilities to life.

Make loving use of the great value that is already yours. Give life more meaning and joy than ever before.

-- Ralph Marston

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