Friday, May 28, 2010

Daily Motivations 5-28-2010

Friday, May 28, 2010
Today's Gift

Once I have learned to set my boundaries, others may try to ignore them or accuse me of being selfish.

I know my boundaries have been crossed when I begin to feel uncomfortable inside, and I need to pay attention to this feeling. If others are used to relating to me in a certain way, and I'm changing, it usually means they have to change too.

They may resist this change, but I'm not here to make other people happy; I'm here to make myself happy. If I don't want to change my mind about a boundary I've set, I don't have to. Other people will have to learn to live with the "new me."

I recognize this new attitude as a sign that I'm getting stronger every day.

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Time to Break Free by Judith R. Smith

Twenty-Four Hours A Day
Walk in Dry Places


Everyday risks....
We have to take certain risks if we hope to achieve anything. Applying for a job entail a risk of reject. Saving money carries a risk of losing it. Falling in love can result in heartbreak. We have to take such risks because life is ordered that way. We are hear to learn, and learning includes pressing into unknown situations where we could fail.

God could have created us in such a way we could either avoid risks or not unduly concerned about the. Animals, for example, live with risks but do no seem to worry about them. We must accept risk as part of our Higher Power's plan for us. We also are given tools for working with uncertainties. We have our innate intelligence and a capacity for prudent, reasoned action. We have friends who will help us. Above all, we have our Higher Power, who guides and directs us through all sorts of risky conditions.

Action for the Day: I cannot face life without also facing uncertainties. Today I'll accept risk as a prt of ordinary living.

One Day At A Time
Every response to every resentment, real or imagined,
had been sick and self-destructive.
I was allowing others to control my sense of well-being and behavior.
I came to understand that the behavior, opinions, and thoughts of others
were none of my business.
The only business I was to be concerned with was my own!
- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 468
Thought to Ponder . . .
We are prisoners of our own resentments;
forgiveness unlocks the door and sets us free.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
W I S D O M = When Into Self, Discover Our Motives.

Daily Motivation

The voice of your purpose

Actions are an absolute necessity for meaningful accomplishment. So are dreams.

For if you cannot dream it, and envision it, you will not achieve it. When it tugs at your very soul, that is when you will make it happen.

You are not an unthinking, unfeeling machine that can blindly serve just any agenda. Your effectiveness comes from your purposeful involvement with what you do.

There is a reason why you feel everything you feel. Those feelings are the voice of your purpose.

It is difficult and challenging to follow those dreams that flow from your purpose. Yet when the purpose is true, it will feel stronger than any challenge.

Listen to the voice of your purpose. Dream and do, and give to life the unique value that is yours to create.

-- Ralph Marston

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