Friday, April 2, 2010

Daily Motivations 4-2-2010‏

Friday, April 2, 2010
Today's Gift

The universe is the primary revelation of the divine, the primary scripture, the primary focus of divine human communion. —Thomas Berry

In this program we learn about being receptive. A man in search of conscious contact with a Higher Power can simply stand still and open his eyes and ears to creation. Forcing a spiritual awareness is mostly wasted effort. Learning theology doesn't create a spiritual experience either. We only need to see and hear what is around us. This is a vast and marvelous universe, and it speaks for itself. It has always been there, and when we are ready to receive the message, we will.It stirs our spirit to be at a meeting and hear another man describe the awakening of his spirituality. As we men become more receptive to the spiritual, we open a whole new realm in our lives.May my growing ability to be a receptive man lead me to a deeper spiritual contact.

From Touchstones: A Book of Daily Meditations for Men ©1986, 1991 by Hazelden Foundation.

Twenty-Four Hours A Day

Walk in Dry Places

Facing Reality.

Accepting Risk
Like it or not, life seems to have certain risks that just can't be avoided. Alcoholics or Addictss are not really comfortable with risk-taking. This is especially true in situations that include risk of rejection, risk of defeat, or risk of loss. If we try to get through life without accepting some risk, however, we're simply not being realistic. The refusal to accept risk may also mean that we miss wonderful opportunities in the process.

What should we do? We should face risk intelligently and with spiritual preparation. FIRST, we do everything possible to reduce risk in any situation (thus making it a "calculated risk"). THEN we pray for guidance and inspiration (but not a certain outcome). FINALLY, we do our very best to succeed in the situation, whether it's a courtship, a job search, competition in sports, or whatever. We might surprise ourselves by succeeding more times than we fail. But even in temporary failure, we gain if we follow through in accepting reasonable and necessary risks.

Action for the Day: I'll exercise prudence and good judgment in all my undertakings today, but I won't expect to be able to "play it safe" in everything. As a human being, I have to take risks in life.

One Day At A Time

The "If" Trap

Alcoholism or Addiction respects no ifs. It does not go away,not for a week, for a day, or even for an hour, leaving us nonalcoholic or nonaddictedand able to drinkor use again on some special occasionor for some extraordinary reason -- not even if it is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration,or if a big sorrow hits us, or if it rains in Spain or the stars fell on Alabama.Alcoholism is for us unconditional, with no dispensation available at any price. - Living Sober, p. 63

Thought to Ponder . . .

Alcohol and Addiction -- cunning, baffling, powerful!

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
A A = Always Aware.

Daily Motivation

Be okay
You don't know for certain what will happen tomorrow, or even later today. So stop fighting against it, and don't waste your life with worry about what might or might not be.

Be okay with what will come, and you'll be able to handle it. You'll even discover some pleasant surprises.

Make your very best plans to be as effective and as productive as you can be. And be okay with the fact that everything won't go according to those plans.

Life is a process of constant change, and in that change is powerful energy. In that change there are always new possibilities being born.

Be eager to explore the new treasures that each moment brings. Look for the value and goodness in every new circumstance, and you'll surely find them.

Be okay with not knowing exactly what will come. For whatever it is, you will know what to do to make your life and your world the best it can be.

-- Ralph Marston

(Usual disclaimer applies: The suggestions on this blog are just that “SUGGESTIONS.” My words cannot heal your pain and or addictions. Nor can I change your life. Only you can.)

If you are not sure how to begin your work-in or need some guidance please feel free to post a comment or email me directly at, I will response as soon as I can.

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