Thursday, April 22, 2010

Daily Motivations 4-22-2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010
Today's Gift

I meant to do my work today
But a brown bird sang in an apple tree,
And a butterfly flitted across the field,
And all the leaves were calling me.

-Richard LeGallienne

The harried hen scurried about her house, trying to put it in order. Some friends she hadn't seen for years were due to arrive later that day, and she wanted everything perfect for them. In a flurry, she made the bed, put away the dishes, and scrubbed the floor. Oh dear, she thought in dismay, I meant to wash the sheets today. Frantically, she flew back to the bedroom and tore the sheets from the made bed.

Just then, a neighbor arrived and stood at hen's door, watching her anxiously rush about. "Dear hen," he said in a patient loving tone, for he was quite fond of her, "You will never enjoy your visit if you continue to race about. Come. Sit and rest and tell me of these friends. Have you any snapshots?" The hen did as her neighbor had suggested, and soon her friends arrived to find her relaxed, refreshed, and warm with the memories of them.

What is my real work for the day?

From Today's Gift: Daily Meditations for Families ©1985, 1991 by Hazelden Foundation.

Twenty-Four Hours A Day

Keep It Simple

One meets his destiny often on the road one takes to avoid it.---French proverb
None of us, perhaps, ever thought we'd end up in recovery. But we were working at joining recovery years before we got here! Maybe recovery was our fate from the day we first took a drink or a pill. Others around us could see the writing on the wall, but we couldn't. We were to busy trying to avoid the pain. Alcoholism and other drug abuse have to do with us trying to find spiritual wholeness--- the kind of spiritual wholeness we're finding now. . .in recovery. So, let's welcome recovery into our lives. We have found our spiritual home.

Prayer for the Day: Higher Power, I got lost because I acted like I knew the way to a good life. You lead the way. Thank-you for putting me on the right track.

Action for the Day: Today, I'll think about why it's my fate to be in recovery. I will list ways that I try to avoid my fate.

One Day At A Time

"Spiritual Side"

I think I have had a spiritual awakening,
as undramatic as it may have been, and that it will go on and on
as long as I continue to practice this program in my daily affairs.
To me, there is no "spiritual side" to the program of Alcoholics Anonymous;
the entire program is spiritual.
- Came To Believe . . . , p. 48

Thought to ponder . . .
Talking about the spiritual part of the program
is like talking about the wet part of the ocean.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
A A =
Always Awesome

Daily Motivation

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